power supply for zotac gtx 980 ti amp edition

hello guys once again.....
I get rid of my Corsair VS 550 and was looking for a better power supply as per your suggestion,but am really stuck with a dilemma,please help me choose between the following and which one will have the best value for my build:
1)Seasonic M12II 620 Bronze vs CORSAIR TX650M 80 PLUS® GOLD
2)CORSAIR CX650M vs Antec 650 gold
3)Cooler Master MWE Bronze 650W vs CORSAIR CX600
This comparision i make are of the same price but the antec 650 gold is out of stock and i don't really know what the model is but its on the same price as corsair cx 650m and my budget is really leaning towards 2 & 3 but if its worth the increase i will go for 1
Here are my spec:
lenovo m700 tower
i5 6400
h110 mobo (lenovo motherboard with 10 pin,i am about to buy the adapter too)
8gb ddr4
1 tb
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  1. Get a Corsair RM550x or EVGA G2 550w for a lot better quality. But from your list I would go with the Corsair TX or the Seasonic.
  2. thanks for the reply
    sorry but your suggestion is out of ma budget and between Seasonic M12II 620 Bronze and CORSAIR TX650M which one is better and for my future build,but note that i will never do overclocking and dual graphic
  3. Best answer
    I don't think there is a huge difference between them, but personally I would get the Corsair TX then.
  4. thanks you once again,i will go for the Corsair TX650
  5. Good choice, it is a good decent unit.
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