Windows 7 installing solution on asus h110m-cs

please help! since i google alot how to install w7 64bit on Asus h110m series board..since i came to know that this series and upper ones dont support windows 7 through usb. only by optical drive. but i dont have that. iso i want to install from usb. step by step plz. Thanks..
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  1. Use Asus EZ installer to integrate USB drivers into windows 7 installation.
    Downloadable from asus web site.
  2. u just gave a hint! i am knew to all this so plz..step by step plz!
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    1. Download Asus EZ installer v1.03.06
    (choose os windows 7 64bit, under utilities choose expand to see all downloads)

    2. Extract downloaded archive

    3. Go into extracted folder \ASUS_EZInstaller_V10306\ASUS EZ Installer

    4. Extract archive ASUS EZ

    5. Go into extracted folder \ASUS_EZInstaller_V10306\ASUS EZ Installer\ASUS EZ Installer\V1.03.06

    6. Run EZ Installer.exe

    7. Follow instructions on screen and create bootable USB installation
    (you will be asked for USB media and DVD drive containing windows 7 installation)

    8. Boot from created USB installation media and install windows 7

  4. From where I can get software Asus EZ installer as I tried links but didn't got anything except a long list of options.
  5. Under utilities - click "Show all downloads".
    If your motherboard is a different model, this download might not be compatible.
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