Upgrading GPU vs CPU

My current setup.

i5-2500k @ 4.8
P8Z68-V PRO/GEN 3 motherboard
16gb ddr3 1600

I'm looking to either upgrade my cpu/ram/motherboard or gpu. Both upgrades would cost me around 700$ (i5-8600k,mobo,ram or 1080ti) Which would be the best route for an upgrade for gaming? The 2500k and my motherboard are quite dated, but im worried with the current plateau of CPUs it may be still cost effective to go with the 1080ti. Are the technologies going into the new 8gen cpu's and motherboard chipsets worth going for or am I up to date in that area?

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  1. I would only upgrade the GPU if I had a 4K monitor. Other than that I don't see you gaining much at 1080p.

    What is your monitor resolution and refresh rate?
  2. 1080p 144hz
  3. boogie32332 said:
    1080p 144hz

    gpu is not the issue, you need a system upgrade

    get a i7 8700k setup, wait until the price gouging is done
  4. CPU upgrade, if your current setup isn't good enough, which is something you didn't actually say. Depending on the games you play, and the settings you're willing to use, that 980 Ti should have a lot of life left in it for 1080p 144hz gaming.
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    Your 980ti is fine. Upgrade your CPU first then see what Nvidia Volta will be like.
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