Used 980ti or new 1060 6GB?

Hello, everyone!
So, I want to buy a new GPU, and in my country, for the same amount of money, I can buy a new 1060 6GB or a used 980TI, which makes me think...
I really, really like the 980TI, it is one of my dream GPUs, but then again, I noticed yesterday a strange thing relating to it here
Please watch from 0:57. A small glitch occurs using the 980TI on the player's right foot. Also, the water looks better on the 1080 than the 980TI. Does the 980TI have a lower image quality than the gtx 1000 series? Also, I noticed on the forums that some users reported some driver issues with the 980TI.
Btw, I have an I7 4790k, an Asrock Fatality Killer Z97 mobo and currently a 1050Ti, which is a bit of a burden for this CPU. Also, my power supply is currently a 600W 80+ bronze Recom, but will upgrade to a Corsair TX650M 80 plus gold PSU.
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  1. hmm
    the GTX 980ti is 15-20% faster then the GTX 1060@6GB but what i think is you should get the New Generation card so that you will get full warranty and all:)
    but you can go for the 980ti too
  2. The 980ti is a better card, and if you are into OCing... it is even better! :)
  3. Thank you! I'm not into OCing, I just want a video card that is on par with my cpu (I7 4790k), but not too expensive. I currently have a 1050TI, which is a bit of a bottleneck in videogames.
  4. Best answer
    Your CPU is a very capable gaming CPU. Ether of the choices mentioned will work well, especially at 1080p.
    Really the 4790k will handle just about any gpu.
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