My overclock has gone backwards

Hello all,.
I've had my Ryzen 1700 and ASRock X370 Killer sli for a few months now and its been perfect under Bios update 3.10 with the following settings, 3800htz @ 1.28750 volts, XMP at 2933 and cpu offset at level 2.
since updating to 3.20 im crashing at 3800htz @ 1.33 volts, XMP at auto (2133) and offset 2.
The only thing I’ve done is upgrade to a cpu water cooler and update windows 10 autumn update.

am i doing something wrong or is there issues with this bios update??
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    When you swapped out your air cooler to a water block, did you use too much CPU paste? If so, you are not cooling your CPU correctly. Might want to check the temps.

    Might also want to revert to bone stock and start the OC over. I've never seen an OC survive a BIOS update.

    Also check on the ASROCK support page. If bios v3.2 is the source of the problem, there will be many many complaints.
  2. Thanks for the help. I redone the thermal paste and the temp come down a bit. Thanks
  3. You're welcome. If you're happy with the answer, please select the answer as a solution so others searching can see your question as solved and use it to solve their own.
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