best low price gaming motherboard for i3 8350k

Suggest me a low price best motherboard which can support 8th gen. Coffee lake processors for 1080p to 4k gaming and video editing....also I m a begginer gamer so plzzz....

Budget 200$
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  1. Any Z370 board that has the features and sockets you want.
  2. i3-8350k is really good, but may not be the best choice to do video editing as well as gaming. What is your total budget? Any peripherals? Do you have 4k monitors?
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    you will have much more fun with i5-8400 which cost about the same as this i3.
    for 200$ you can get this
    it's a very good MB for overclocking. though such board, should be pared with at least i5-8600K
  4. You're talking about 4k gaming and selecting an i3?

    What GPU are you pairing with that i3?
  5. I want to use a 1050 ti 4gb by Gigabyte with the i3 8350K cpu or the i5 8400 as you previously said.Which motherboard do you think fits my setup better?
  6. cheapest you can find.
    start a new thread instead instead of bumping old solved threads
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