Computer isnt working anymore

I've just bought a new graphics card(msi gtx1070) for my pretty old rig
So I replaced my graphics card, downloaded new drivers from nvidia geforce experience and my computer was all fine
then I tried to boot up pubg and my computer just black screened and it wont open anymore

my system is:
CPU: IntelCore i7 3770k @ 350GHz
Ivy Bridge 22nm

Ram: 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR @ 802MHz
and I use 3 monitors all of them are 60hz

My power supply is Thermaltake 700W Model LP-700AL2NH(litepower)

My old graphics card was a gtx 760 zotac
computer wont turn on no matter what
please help.
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  1. Something tells me that the very crappy PSU you have is not up for the job. Does your computer work if you put in your old GPU?
    Anyway, you should change that PSU for a better one ASAP.
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