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I have an HTPC setup and the motherboard may be getting a little flakey. I have a second Gigabyte mini ITX motherboard that is identical to the one in the HTPC. Can I move the SSD that has the Win7 OS over to this new motherboard. I would rather not have to reconfigure a new Win7 OS SSD to handle Window Media Center as it's a hassle.
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    Being the board and setup is identical it should work fine.
  2. If BIOS settings on both boards are the same (sata controller mode and uefi/legacy boot mode), then it should work.
    Only thing - windows activation will be broken.
  3. Thanks to both of you. That's what I figured. The motherboards are identical; both were bought for HTPC applications and built about the same time. The 'good' one has already been installed in a Fractal Designs Core 500 case and everything works just fine. Both HTPCs were built in a very small Lian Li case and once it's built you hope that it runs without problems as you have to pull everything out to trouble shoot. I just wanted to minimize down time on the switch over so I don't miss any television programs.
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