Do I need a new mother board?

The other day I turned my computer on and the fan started going way faster than I've ever heard. The computer shut down after about a minute. I checked the BIOS and it said the CPU was 88*C. I opened up my computer to take a look. I cleaned some fans and tried again, my CPU was still coming in at 88*C. I took the liquid cooling off and checked the CPU, I popped it out and put it back in, tried everything again and now the fans weren't going very had but I had no display on my screens. I tried a few other things before opening my computer back up again. I cleaned the CPU then looked at the motherboard socket it goes into and saw it looked a little weird. Some pins looked off. Do I need a new motherboard? Or could it be the CPU or something else?
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  1. Probably bad TIM application. The motherboard shouldn't be an issue
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    My guess for your overheating problem is that your pump died in your watercooling setup. That seems to happen fairly often. If you have an air cooler you can try that.

    If you bent pins removing the CPU and putting it back in then you may need a new motherboard. I'd first double check that everything is connected correctly, especially power connections to the motherboard and video card. Make sure the video card is plugged in correctly as well. If it still gives no display at all you can remove the CPU and try to delicately unbend the pins.
  3. That would probably explain why the liquid cooling unit was glowing red instead of blue. Do you think I need a whole new liquid cooling setup?

    As for the pins, some of them look bent I will try to unbend them soon. Thank you.
  4. Does this motherboard look broken? Can I fix it?
  5. It depends on the setup but if you have an all-in-one water cooler you'll need a new cooling setup. You can check if your current one is under warranty.

    It looks like there may be a couple of bent pins in the socket. I've seen the suggestion before on this site to use one of those thin coffee stirrer straws to unbend pins in the socket. You put the straw over the pin and very carefully bend it back to the original position. I've seen other people use needles or pliers but I'd stay away from metal tools if possible.
  6. Thank you so much for all your help so far. I did what you said and used a coffee stirrer straw to try to unbend the pins (it looks better but still not perfect). I also replaced my liquid cooling with an air cooling system. When I turn the computer on now, the CPU fan works, the GPU fans move a little then stop but nothing else works. No display comes on the monitors, no power goes to my mouse or keyboard either (they usually light up). There are some lights on the motherboard that are lit up green. I tried unplugging the GPU and plugging it back in but I really don’t think the GPU is the issue. What do you think?
  7. I'm worried that the socket is damaged. I'd double check all of the power cables to make sure everything is plugged in securely. if you have a CPU with integrated graphics you could try removing the gpu altogether and trying onboard video.
  8. Would the socket being damaged explain why no power is going to the mouse and keyboard? (They aren’t lighting up when I plug them into the USB ports, the CPU fan still runs though).
  9. I think I am just going to get a new motherboard.

    My motherboard was an Asus z97-a
    Intel i5-4690k
    GeForce GTX 960

    Do you have any suggestions for a new motherboard?
  10. Ouch, those are hard to find. The cheapest I see is about $150 ( If you're not doing crazy overclocking it would be fine.
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