My cpu is running at a very high temp, which makes my fans go crazy

My problem is that i literally just bought and assemble my first home build computer, and i was so exicited, but after i got every up to date, and started playing, i could hear the fans on my Corsair H100 i go crazy, then i downloaded the NZXT CAM to check out my temps, and for some reason i get about 80-85C when playing PUBG. Im not sure whats causing these high temps on my cpu, i have read that the i7 7700k had some temp problems but would easily be solved with water cooling but i doesnt seem to work for me. Is there any way i can either lower the temps on the cpu or slow down the fans. Thanks in advance!
(Im not fond of lidding since im new to building and working with computers, and i scared ill destroy the cpu)

Gtx 1080 Gaming X
Msi Z270 Tomahawk
Corsair H100i
Corsair 750W 80+ Gold Module
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    Run HWINFO to check your temps.
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