ssd boot drive without removing partitions and files on old hdd

Hey All,

I recently have bought an 120 GB SSD to use as a boot drive and install select programs that I use constantly, all the while continuing to use my old 2 TB HDD as storage for pictures, movies, games, and pretty much everything else that doesn't need to crowd up my new SSD.

So to start, I unplugged my HDD and installed my new SSD and then freshly installed Windows 10. I then plugged back in my old HDD and set the new SSD as primary drive to boot from in the BIOS. Now this is where my problem comes in.

Everything boots fine, however my old HDD does not show up at all. None of my partitions or anything. I've searched through manage, device manager, etc.
But when I boot from my old HDD, everything goes back to normal and I can see my new SSD along with my other partitions of my old HDD.

Is it possible I can leave my old HDD as is, all the using my new SSD as the primary drive to boot from. I would rather try avoiding reformatting my old HDD.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

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  1. What specific type of SSD is this?
    What motherboard is this?
  2. Strange.
    Have you tried another port on your board and/or another cable? Maybe it's just that the one you're using are done.
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