Which backup disk should I choose?

Hi there,
I'm choosing between :

a WD 4T desktop HDD, I can put it in a HDD case to prevent some dust , and hope the data will be safe


a Lacie Rugged 4T 2.5'' HDD, it is shock resistance, also anti-dust (better than that HDD case I suppose), but $60 dollar more and will 3.5'' HDD last longer than 2.5'' HDD?

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    The advantage of the WD drive in an external closure is its ease of replacement if you have issues. Enclosed units tend to be more problematic. Once the drive dies you throw the whole thing out.

    Lacie was bought by Seagate in 2014, so it's probably a Seagate drive in there, and it's probably a desktop model running at 5900 RPM. Those drives typically don't make far past their warranty period when used 24x7

    For longevity, and if budget is not a major constraint it's perhaps worth considering the WD Red or Seagate NAS drive. These are designed for 24x7 operation. That's assuming you are going to have the drive connected all of the time.

    In my personal experience, 2.5 drives have never lasted as long as the 3.5" drives... but that's just my experience. I use the enclosed 2.5 drives now only when I have to move data between locations.
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