RealTek HD Audio Manager not working!

So, I had to do a reinstall of Win7 onto my PC. Had to manually reinstall most drivers (some are still a bit wonky ie. in device manager, my monitor now shows up as a Generic PnP monitor when before it would actually show that it was a BenQ XL2411Z but the monitor works for now and all graphics drivers are up to date and functioning properly so I'm not too worried about that one).

Now I have tried numerous things to get the RealTek HD Audio Manager working but I cannot for the life of me. Basically, the sound works...I have my speakers plugged into the rear ports and my headphones plugged into the front ports but I do not receive simultaneous audio. I have to unplug the front ports for the speakers to turn on.

Now I realize this is an easy fix through the RealTek HDAM but the thing refuses to install correctly onto my pc. I uninstalled ALL sound drivers through device manager, unplugged any extra monitors that may have sound and reinstalled the 64bit version of the RealTek Audio Codecs and installing seems to go smoothly but when I restart nothing is there.

The sound will work again and under speakers in the Playback Devices window it does say RealTek HD Audio Output but the RealTek utility does not show up in my taskbar, there is no RealTek option in my control panel. I do notice that the RAVCpl64.exe (DOES NOT OPEN, even when Run as an admin) is in my Program Files folder but not my Program Files(x86) folder? Does it have something to do with this?

I work in sound engineering so having the audio come out both the rear and front audio jacks is basically essential.

Also yes, I have the correct chipset drivers for my ASUS M5A87 Mobo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    So it finally started working randomly after a restart (I was installing a firmware update for my mouse and had to restart and RealTek finally started up)

    I will leave this open just for now in case someone has a concrete answer as to why this was happening...but basically the last thing I did for RealTek was uninstall all sound drivers again through device manager, making sure to tick "Remove driver software" box and then installed the Audio drivers for my motherboard again instead of the most recent drivers from the RealTek website BUT after doing this, I restarted probably twice and it still wasn't working so I can't say for sure this is the solution.

    To anyone with this same problem in the future, try installing audio drivers from your motherboards manufacturer site instead of from the RealTek website and try restarting a few times.

    (I noticed when I installed the drivers from the ASUS website, it installed them into the Program Files (x86) folder instead of just the Program Files folder. I'm not sure if copying the entire RealTek folder from Program Files to (x86) would work).

    Anyways it's working now at least.
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