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I want to know if I can ypgrade my sounds to a much better quality than I have. Volume is all the way up, and it's only as loud as a typical conversation. I need to crank it. I don't know if it's seperate from the graphics card. Just put a NVidea quadro GTX 550 in and the sound is not much better than it was with the NVidea FX 600. Any and all help will be appreciated.
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  1. Typing this on a T3500 system while listening to Music right now.

    What sound driver are you using?

    go to:
    Control Panel > Device Manager > Sound, Video and Game controllers ...

    also check:
    Control Panel > Device Manager > Sound ...
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    Do you have powered speakers. Ones that have a wall wart for 120V power. Some video connectors provide sound others don't. HDMI does but this requires speakers in the monitor or a TV set. DVI has several versions some with sound some without. Sometimes it can get lost in a cable or adapter that doesn't support sound.
    The onboard audio will only work if your speakers are hooked to the MB sound port(s). Same with the GPU video only the speakers will be in the monitor or TV.
    You may just need better speakers if they've never sounded good before.
    I use Logitech Z523.. I tried lower level speaker and took them back. You may just need nore powerful speakers.
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  3. Thanks. I'm [pretty certain (now that I've updated all my drivers), that my problem is junk speakers. I am going with William P's suggestion of Logitech Z523 speakers. Have a great day.
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  4. Be careful lifting the woofer, or where you sit it down.. The speaker is actually on the bottom and ther'es no grille there. The front "speaker" is actually an unpowered "driver" cone. This extra complexity allows these to fill a room with sound at very low volume settings. You don't have to be sitting in front of these to hear them.
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