Fans are slow.

My friend has a home built PC, and the fan alarm goes off as soon as it's powered up. The "expert" said it's the fans themselves, but why would they all run slow? Is it the power supply? Or is it cursed. You be the judge. lol
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    What are full system specs?

    Some motherboard/BIOSes have a minimum threshold for CPU fans speeds, when system boots and that CPU fan does not reach that minimum revolution speed they trigger this warning.

    There are settings in some BIOSes to change this minimum to a lower value (for example change from 600 RPM to 300 RPM) to avoid triggering the warning.

    However, the user - your friend here - has to monitor fan performance and temperatures to makes sure if the fan functions properly and CPU temperatures are withing an acceptable range at idle and under load.
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  2. Thanks. He has a fan speed program, but I will tell him. Your answer sounds like the correct way to go, and I will inform him today.
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