Upgrading from i7-4790K, worried about heat and continuous processor use

I'm considering replacing everything in my computer, and a lot of the new CPU developments and reviews here leave me with a few questions about what to go with. I use my PC for gaming, but getting good game performance doesn't seem too hard to achieve these days. What I'm really focused on with this upgrade is the 3d work I do. Modeling requirements in Blender or Maya are easy enough to satisfy, but simulating physics animation and rendering in Lux/Cycles/Arnold can be tough.

The main thing I'm worried about is the long-term health of the CPU if I'm leaving it rendering at a full load for 12+ hours a couple times a week. My current CPU, an i7-4790K, is not ideal for this, but it does comfortably sit around 75 degrees with the fan that came bundled with it from Intel. I'd like to get something with 6-8 cores, but a lot of new reviews I see seem to warn that more recent CPUs end up at 85-90 under these conditions (looking at the new i7-8700 or the i7-7820X, for instance). I like to get several years out of the computers I put together, and numbers like that make me worry that the processor or motherboard will fail in short order.

Given that I don't know a whole lot about CPU temperatures, I thought I'd ask here how serious a problem this would all be if I did go with one of these new CPUs that runs a little hot. Also, I'm curious if there's a good option for me (500-600 dollars at the absolute most) here that I haven't found. I'd like something with decent single-core processing speed because that's still helpful for 3d applications and games, but with more than 4 cores to shave an hour or two off of simulating/rendering times. And while I'm willing to get a third-party cooling system, I have no interest in overclocking - I'm looking at stability/longevity and decent performance. Getting 160 fps in a modern game instead of 130 isn't really a concern, and rendering is more of a marathon than a sprint.
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  1. Your current system should be fine at those temps rendering.
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Your current system should be fine at those temps rendering.

    You mean 80-90 isn't really a problem, or that I should stick with what I have?

    To be clear, I'm not upgrading because I'm worried about the i7-4790K's tempteratures, but because my system is a few years old and this happens to be a moment when spending a couple thousand dollars on a new computer is financially an option. I'm just looking for a CPU that is more ideally suited to my uses, but all the replacements I've looked at have been known to heat up more than what I'm used to.
  3. Sorry ...I missed the 90 "I read the it does comfortably sit around 75 degrees with the fan that came bundled with it."

    If you get a newer solution or even keep the old one you will need an aftermarket cooler to keep it down to
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