I have Corsair tx 550m and GTX 1080 FTW2 with a 4+4 but my psu doesn't. What should I do?

There's only one 6+2 pcie on my psu but my GPU needs 4+4 how do I connect the PSU to GPU. Someone in the community told me to buy this psu seeing what my build is.
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  1. Can you link the model , because if it only has one you need a new PSU.
    This one has 2 = 6+2.

    PCIe Connector it should have the 2 you need.

    Your PSU should have two of these styled 8 pins for the card

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  2. The Evga 1080 FTW2 requires 2 8-pin pci-e power connections which the TX550m has. With that psu the pci-e power connections are modular so grab the box the psu came it and grab the 2 6+2 pin pci-e cables from it and plug them into the psu and gpu.
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  3. Power supply.
    PCI-Express Connector
    2 x 6+2-Pin
    Video card takes 2X 8 pin so you use both of the 6+2 pins from the power supply.
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