Will my PC be loud?

Hey Guys,

A bit of a weird question, but I am going to place an order for a new PC, click the link below for its full specs. However, one thing I realized is how loud my current PC is, and wanted to avoid having that issue with this one. As far as I'm aware, the choice of coolers/fans/power supply determine how loud a PC is. Based on the specs you see on the link below, do you believe this will be relatively quiet? If not, do you have any recommendations of other options on the same site?

Many Thanks!
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  1. That system shouldn't be loud at all.
  2. Ye the standard stock cooler can be rather loud 'under load temps', may wanna think of getting the Cooler Master or Noctua cooler instead (as seen in the drop down menu) but only if this is a computer that is going to be high work loads.

    I myself avoid water-coolers as i hate the amount of noise the pumps make, but that's my preference.

    Also are you not getting a GPU or is this just going to be an office/work pc?
  3. Ah ok, I think you guys are seeing a different screen than mine when clicking on the link lmao, so will quickly post the specs, sorry about that:

    CPU: I7-8700K
    GPU: Nvidia 1080ti 11gb
    Cooler: corsair h100i
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    Pump can be a little noisy , but overall , that shouldn't be bad at all.
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