xfx double disipation r9 380 no display

I just bought my wife an xfx double d r9 380 2 gb for her gaming rig and she and me been having some trouble getting even the bios to display i even tryed looking at some setting tryed legacy boot and all that and nothing

I3 6100
Evga 500w
2x4 corsair vengence lpx ddr4
Gigabyte GA-H170-D3HP motherboard

I was thinking because its a amd card maybe something is incompatible and pc part picker says i have enough power so it cant be psu
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  1. It certainly *can* be power, as the R9 380 is a 190W TDP card, with the EVGA 500W not being the best quality out there.

    Was there an nVidia card in there previously? If so, did you remove drivers before installing?

    Does the system still post without the GPU installed?
  2. Barty1884
    It was an Nvidia card in last but i sold it b4 i could uninstall the driver so i did it manually but also the nvidia card was one of those fake ones goin around
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