PSU Crashing At Certain Wattage

My computer is running a a10 7700k with no graphics card and Christmas is coming soon so im going to hopefully get a dedicated graphics card theres a little switch behind my tower/computer one side is 115 watts and the other is something aroung 300 watts 115 is fine and my computer runs reletivly fine (im not sure if 115 or 300 is faster but my computer isnt the fastest) but if i switch 300 watts on my computer wont boot up at all ive opened the case and ive saw the power supply and it goes up to 300/330 im not sure which.
CPU/GPU A10 7700k AMD 4 cores (gpu built into the cpu)
Hardrive: ST31000524NS ATA Device
ddr3 ram 8.00GB (5.95 usable ive tried to fix that but ive had no luck)
64 bit system

i bought this computer off of ebay as a new custom gaming rig for 300 dollars
i dont know what kind of fan is has but i dont have liquid cooling i have multiple fans inside the computer and that 8 GBs is only 1 stick
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    That's the Voltage switch...

    115V or 230V.

    Nothing to do with Wattage.

    So if you live in the US then set that to 115V or some places outside of the US it has to be set to 230V.

    Take a picture of the PSU or give us the Model Number.
  2. If you boughtbthat off Ebay then they used the cheapest power supply they could get to power the PC.
    You can post a picture of the lable on it but more than likely your also going to need a new PSU.
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