1060 6G compatable with my computer?

Hello im looking to upgrade my Graphics card I have already chosen a Asus DUAL-GTX1060-O6G Carte graphique Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, 1809 MHz OC, 6GB GDDR5X 192 bit im just worried it wont work with my motherboard and setup. im not sure what information I would need to give to see if it will work I have a GA-Z97-HD3 motherboard and a CX 600 Power supply.. I see most graphics cards have power sockets on them but my current graphics card has all the plugs on the back?? need some help please.
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    Is that videocard the white one? If so, that uses one 6 pin pci-ex connector off your power supply. It's compatible with your motherboard.
  2. Your motherboard is fine for the GTX 1060.

    As for the power, you need a 6 pin connector from the power supply, they look like this

    You can use either type of connector, the one with 2 extra wires can be used as an 8 pin as well but it's just fine as a 6 pin connector.
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