CPU very high idle temp

So i just built my first pc today

i7 7700
gtx gefore msi afterburner 1060 3g
tomahawk z270A
16gb of ram
coolermaster hyper 212x

so i booted up into the bios to see what it was about, i then looked at my cpu temperature which was idling at 43C to 46C.

I am no expert but I think that is a little too high for idle, i reapplied thermal paste, fastened cpu cooler again, i also have plenty of airflow but nothing seems to work. Please help me

Thanks in advance
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    From another post by chemmajorp53 My guess would be, considering that the Hyper 212 series isn't that easy to install, that you didn't install the cooler with enough clamping force or didn't put enough thermal paste on. It should be cooler than that. However, <80C is no biggie and I wouldn't be too worried.

    I would also maybe try to use a higher quality thermal paste then the one provided with the cooler.
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