PC Keyboard and Mouse Stopped Working After Pluggung in Wacom Tablet

Alright, I am beyond confusion. One moment, my keyboard and mouse are both working fine, then after unplugging my tablet from a USB port in the motherboard, neither the keyboard nor mouse will connect to the computer, therefore not turning on, and I can’t even access bios. Luckily I can still navigate my pc (mostly) with the tablet. What’s especially strange is that this is not the first time I have used this tablet on this pc, though I can’t remember if I plugged it into the USB ports on the front of the case or the motherboard. I am near certain that the tablet caused the keyboard and mouse to stop working, but I have no idea what I could have done to cause it. Anyone care to help?

Keyboard and mouse is Cooler Master Devastator II combo.
Tablet is a Wacom Intuos Art.

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    USB. Could be the disconnection process corrupted the drivers.

    Hopefully there is no physical damage to any of the USB ports or plugs. Inspect to be sure.

    If Windows 10, run the built in troubleshooters. ("WIN" + "I" > Update & security > Troubleshoot, left side column.) The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

    Failing that:

    Reinstall the keyboard and mouse drivers.

    Reinstall the tablet drivers.
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  2. Thank you. I will try that asap.
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  3. Yup. Seems that the tablet driver was causing the issue. What's strange though is that the mouse and keyboard are only working when the usb is partially plugged in, not fully, so there may be some physical issue as well, but that can be investigated later. The keyboard and mouse work fine now. Thank you for your help.
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