which motherboard should i buy? is Hyper 212 turbo led good as fan? msi gpu or gigabyte gpu?

hello guys. i am buying a new pc components. so i was wondering which motherboard should i get i am confused between Gigabyte z270- HD3P and msi z270 - gaming plus ? some people said that msi is not trusty is it true?

about gpu i am stuck between gigabyte G1 gtx 1050 ti 4G and msi GTX 1050 Ti GAMING 4G? i know they are almost the same but which one is better

one more thing i have core i7 7700k and i know Kaby Lake produce more heat than the others so is (dual fan) Hyper 212 turbo led good for it or no?
btw i intend to oc.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Are those the only two boards you can choose from? Same case with your GPU's? The Turbo is really bad, what sort of brands for cooling do you have access to? For your platform, I'm assuming you've picked out a DDR4-3200MHz ram kit?
  2. yes these are the boards and gpus that i can choose from. about the cooling brands there are cool master, CRYORIG, Noctua, corsair and deep cooler and yes the ram is ddr4 16gb
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    The only difference with Graphics Cards i could find is this: -

    GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti G1 Gaming 4G
    Core Clock
    Boost: 1506 MHz/ Base: 1392 MHz in OC Mode
    Boost: 1480 MHz/ Base: 1366 MHz in Gaming

    Vs the
    GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GAMING 4G
    Core Clock:
    1430 MHz / 1316 MHz (OC Mode)
    1417 MHz / 1303 MHz (Gaming Mode)
    1392 MHz / 1290 MHz (Silent Mode)

    But my opinion is to choose which is cheaper. They both are Identical in every other way but Core Clocks.
    And the Gigabyte has RGB lighting if you like that sort of thing.

    As for the motherboards both support AMD's 2-way Cross-Fire but you are choosing Nvidia Graphics cards, if in the future you want to add another 1050ti in SLi, it will not work with these boards

    And if you get a CPU cooler try this one : Noctua NH-D15 its a FAN cooler on par with AIO Closed Loop Liquid Coolers.
    Here is Noctua's Manufacturers Site for specs :
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