display driver stopped responding and has recovered while doing next to nothing

I keep getting this issue. Not only have I changed from different versions of the Nvidia drivers, but I'm changed graphics cards and it is still happening. I went from a GTX 780 to a GTX1080 just a few days ago, and it has been happening on both card even when I'm just browsing the internet.

Edit: I've also chosen to do a clean install everytime.
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  1. Specs?
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    GTX 1080 G1
    I7 4790
    Z97-HD3 mobo
    16gb ram
    dual 1080p monitors (one connected with HDMI, one with DVI-D)
    1TB HDD, 120gb SSD.
  3. Have you been using DDU to make sure you're getting clean driver installs?
    Are you overclocking your cards?
    What is your power supply?
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