PSU makes a loud weird noise and GPU won't spin


I've had a GTX 960 and a Corsair CX500M for 2 years now, and recently the GPU fans will only spin for less than a second on startup.

I noticed the problem when I launched the Witcher 3 because I could hear a really loud screeching/whistling noise coming from the PSU, whilst the GPU fans didn't move; it said it couldn't load my saves.

Oddly enough, when I launched Overwatch, the GPU fans would spin (even though the Witcher 3 is more demanding) and there is no weird noise from the PSU but the GPU makes a noise but I think/hope it's the fans.

When I'm using a browser, I can't hear any weird noises aside from sudden periodic noises coming from the PSU.

This is a self-built PC with no insurance and so help would be appreciated.
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  1. Have you considered replacing the PSU? A PSU should not make any screeching or whistling sounds. Have you tried blowing the dust and crud out of your PSU with a can of compressed air?
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