What gpu would be good

I am upgrading my vg248qe to a Dell S2417DG and also upgrading to a 1080ti from a 1070 as want to game beyond 1080p.

My question is what gpu would be good I will only go with evga budget isn't a problem.

Many thanks in advance.
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    well first off.. it would be great to know the rest of your system...

    second.. I don't think you should lock your choice to one manufacturer, there are many great options from other manufacturers.

    I guess if you want the cream of the crop.. you would be looking at an EVGA SC2 1080ti Founders edition.

    if not, then I would suggest getting an ASUS 1080ti STRIX, it's quite good.

    a non set budget will buy you whichever you like the most.. check some reviews and make a decision like that (i think that would work best for you)
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