Upgrading mobo, cpu and ram only. What are the steps I need to take?

So I am going to be upgrading my motherboard (Asus Crosshair IV), cpu (AMD FX-8350), and memory (16 GB of DDR3). I have planned to move up to a Ryzen 5 1600 with Asus B350-F Gaming mobo. I will also be getting at least 16 GB of memory too.

Is it possible to just remove and replace the old board, cpu and memory and boot up or do have to install a fresh Windows 10. My operating system is on an 250 GB SSD at the moment. I suppose I could upgrade to an M.2 since the board support it.

Any advice on this upgrade would be helpful.
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    To avoid any issues a fresh install is always recommended, especially since it's a new platform.
  2. I would do the full Windows reinstall to avoid conflicting drivers and other possible issues.
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