Searching for a low budget / good performance GPU For A88X MOTHERBOARD A88XM-E45

A88XM-E45 v2
Should be compatible with a10-7860k CPU right?
Well now I'm looking for a gpu that's compatible with A88X MOTHERBOARD
A88XM-E45 v2 and a10-7860k that will allow me to get good performance I'm a gamer that plays a game called combatarms not a high end game and I'm a video editor that uses aonyvegaspro 11 rendering video minutes normally go to 10-20 minutes i looked all over the internet maybe didn't search it right but only thing I may have found was a r7 250 but I'm not sure if it's compatible or if it's right. Basically I'm building a whole pc I don't even know if this stuff will fit my case. Any suggestions? Because I searched and can't find anything maybe because I'm searching on my tablet instead of my PC no idea. And my budget for a gpu is around 60 - 80$ I know it's pretty low but have to make sure I have money for kids Christmas happy Thanksgiving
Here is the link / item

I'm also looking for some good ram I would love to find a good GPU with idk something like 3.6 ghz or something that's fast and good if I have to spend 100$ I will do so
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    That's an FM2+ motherboard, and so is the CPU, so they'll work together. It's a micro ATX motherboard so it'll fit in any case that accepts micro ATX motherboards. Sony Vegas Pro 11 uses Opencl for hardware acceleration, so you can choose from AMD or Nvidia. The A10-7860k is not a CPU, it's an APU. It incorporates graphics onboard. Because of this, APUs aren't as fast as CPUs in demanding tasks like video editing. You are on a tight budget, you might consider using the onboard graphics and not buying a videocard yet. Combat Arms does not look demanding, the onboard graphics are probably enough for it.

    I would not advise buying an R7 250, it's not powerful enough to be worth buying if you have A10-7860 onboard graphics. An RX 560 or GTX 1050 are the minimums you should look at if you really want a videocard.
  2. Okay thank you I have double monitor should that apu support heavy tasks? I also play on a emulator does both combined apu and motherboard be enough so it won't lag? And does those GPUs you suggested does it have eye infinity? So I can fully use both monitors?
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