i3 2100 - Super Bottleneck?

Game: MU Legend (Open Beta)
PC Specs:
i3 2100
ASUS GTX 950 2gb
2x4gb G.Skill RipJaws X
SanDisk 120g SSD

I play MU Legend and monitoring via MSI Afterburner and NZXT CAM. I see my CPU at 55 - 70 % while GPU at 25 - 40% only. Is this bottlenecking? How do I maximize the performance of my hardware to get better FPS?
I play 1920x1080 Low and I also tested 1920x1080 high. FPS seems to be very close (35 to 45) just with high I sometimes go as low as 8 FPS.

Will an i5 2400 upgrade give me more FPS?
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    That game looks to want a quad core CPU, so an upgrade to an i5 should be good to get the game running better.
  2. Your PC doesn't seem to use it's full potential.. Check with other games if it does. I have the same CPU same GPU(just Inno3D) and 8GB of ram and at fortnite high graphics both get to 90-100%. Usually other games use 90-100%GPU and about 60%CPU
  3. Bottleneck bro.
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