is this a good pc build (entry level gaming, basic computing)

Hello everybody this is my first time building a pc i would like to use this as a gaming pc but mainly for school and browsing the web if someone can tell me if this is a good pc i would like to keep the budget as low as possible if there is something you would add or change please tell me thank you here is a parts list:

cpu: intel pentium g4560

ram: crucial 8 gb (1x8b)

mobo: MSI b250 pro-vd

GPU: EVGA 1050ti 4gb

storage: 1tb WD blue mechanical , 120 gb m.2 ssd corsair mp500

psu: corsair cx450w 80+ bronze

case: bitfenix novaäuse-120er-Lüfter-vormontiert/dp/B016CMTFIC/ref=sr_1_35?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1511377730&sr=1-35&keywords=pc+case+micro+atx&refinements=p_36%3A-5000

i know i should probably add some system fans but that isn't very expansive but if you have som suggestions for them they are also welcome, if you have read this thank you.
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    For really low budget does that seem fine. :)

    I would like a motherboard with four ram slots and use 2x4gb for dual channel,but that's me.
    For a nice low budget case could you look at this,
    (above comes with two fans)
    different colors are available for both at the same price.
    Other even cheaper option,does seem okay,
    comes with two fans as well.
  2. thanks man yes i would also like 2x4gb but i might add later and i only have 2 slots so i went with 1x8gb, for the cases realy good suggestions but i dont like the big side panels but still thanks for looking at my build
  3. You're welcome.:)
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