BSOD while Gaming (Just Cause 3)

So, I was playing Just Cause 3 today, and the game suddenly froze, looping a buzzing sound, and the BSOD appeared, while the sound was looping. The error code was Kernel_Security_Check_Error.
Idk why this happened, but I would REEALY appreciate it if somebody can tell me what is going on. This is a 3-Month Old PC, so I am a bit concerned... Nothing like this has ever happened before. :'(

Gigabyte mATX H81 motherboard
Gigabyte GTX 1050 2gb
Patriot Viper 8gb DDR3 RAM
1tb WD Black HDD
EVGA 430 Watt PSU
CoolerMaster T2 CPU Cooler

Again, if somebody can tell me what is going on, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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