Question about configuration compononents fitting together.

Hello Guys,

I need help with figuring out whether the components for a configuration i chose would physically fit together on my motherboard (VGA and CPU Cooler). I am mainly concerned for space, as the motherboard i bought has a steel reinforced slot which i want to use, but it is the closest one to the CPU slot and the aorus card is huge.

Here are the specs:

Gigabyte AORUS GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti 11G

Mobo - Z370 Tomahawk

CPU - i7 8770k Cooler - Noctua NH-U14S

RAM - 2xKingston HyperX Predator 8GB DDR4 3000MHz

Thank you in advance for the advice, as i am not proficient in PC building!
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  1. you mean 8700k, right?
    it runs really hot, NH-D15 is better
    you will want a better mb for overclocking
    is ram dual channel or you buy two separate sticks? Buy a 2x8 gb from a pack
    Then it will do, what psu do you have?
  2. Hey,

    Yea, 8700k, but it is branded as 8770k in some sites. RAM is dual channel. PSU - Fractal Design Integra - 750 W

    I'm not going to go completely overboard with CPU overclocking, so thought that mobo would be fine.
  3. psu is M or R2?
    can you list your complete rig specs? Already bought?
  4. PSU is M. They are pretty much listed, the PSU will fit in my case and the mobo will as well. What i am concerned about is whether the CPU cooling will and RAM will fit with the Aourus 1080 TI card.

    I've already bought the CPU/MOBO and RAM. Currently waiting for the 1080 TI and the Noctua NH-U14S delivery, but that can still be cancelled and replaced if required.
  5. which case is it? want to check if NH15-D fits or not. However, if you will not do serious overclocking, your pick is fine. but may need to check if case can fit the large 1080 ti. PSU is not very good, keep an eye on it :)
  6. Case is coolermaster N300

    And a slight correction on the PSU, it turns out its R2, i just checked my receipt.
  7. R2 is way better :) large enough case, good luck.
  8. Thanks for the answers!

    One final thing - So you think i will be able to slot the 1080 TI in the steel reinforced slot and not restrict the ram/cpu cooler as they are placed in the board? The space looked a bit crammed to me
  9. Best answer
    ram has some good restriction, you have screws on cooler, so you are fine.
  10. Thank you vapour for all the time and patience with me. Much obliged :)
  11. NP, good luck :)
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