All USB Ports Randomly Stopped Working (USB Controller Fried?)

Hey, so as the title suggests, I was just using my computer doing nothing special and randomly my USB ports disconnect then reconnect a few seconds after. I didn't think much of it, but then 1 minute later, the USB ports all disconnect and don't reconnect. I've restarted my computer multiple times, tried replugging keyboard/mice into different ports (back and front), have let the computer sit for a while then tried, but nothing is working and my USB ports just don't seem to work.

I fear this is a hardware related issue, potentially with the motherboard or a fried USB controller - none of my ports work with any type of USB input (microphone, keyboard, mouse)

I have heard of doing a CMOS reset or tinkering with my BIOS settings but am not sure how or if it will even be helpful or even what those are.

I'm really lost and my computer is basically unusable. I would genuinely appreciate any help possible.

Important Details:
-I've had my computer for around 2 years with overall crappy USB problems (ranging from ports that randomly stop working for a few days, to audio problems, to other random crap) so i feel as though my motherboard is not good
-My computer is prebuilt:
-Right when all the USB ports stopped working, I had a video in the background and for some reason, my headphones through a USB to audio jack converter stilled worked and I could hear the video
-I think this may be an electrical issue, partially because a portion of my apartment's breaker went off prior (i don't think it affected the computer, because it was still on) and I had to reset it
-I have been running pretty graphically/CPU intensive games in the past few weeks (PUBG) and had to tinker with some computer settings to allow for maximum game performances
-Every other aspect of my computer works fine, just the USB ports

I just need someone to guide me through what I should do. I am very desperate, help a college student getting ready for finals. Thanks.
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  1. OK so, I just plugged in a really old mouse, and it started working! My peripherals are the G710+ gaming keyboard and the G502 mouse. This is a big relief as it may not be entirely a hardware issue but more on my actual peripherals or drivers/software. Does anyone have any ideas?
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