Exhaust fan, top or rear.

I have the Corsair Carbide Spec04 case, and I am planning to use 3 fans in it. 2 intake fans in the front and one exhaust fan. my case has a slots for 1 fan at the top of the rear, and 2 on top of the case, just above the motherboard(and cpu).
Should I put my last case fan at the rear, or at one of the top slots? My cpu does ofc have a cpu cooler(intel -- came with the cpu).
I could maybe add another exhaust fan at the top, but I am trying very hard to get a positive airflow to prevent extra dust. Might keep the positive airflow if I keep it at a low rpm(it does get help from physics anyway).
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  1. not really important from performance point of view.
    i'd put it on the back just because :)
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    put the last fan on the back or you can put one in front one back and one on the top..but you should go 2 front one back
  3. Well, will put it on the back then, seems better sound wise. Should prob buy some covers for the two top slots then:)
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