A Good CPU to pair with GTX 1070 @1080p 144hz Gaming ?

Hey everyone, I just bought a GTX 1070 for my first pc build ever and I can not decide which CPU to get. I want to play games at 1080p 144hz. You can also recommend other components too. I do not want the CPU to be too expensive like 7700k or something like that. I was thinking of buying the r5 1600 since it is a great value CPU but I heard that it would bottleneck at 1080p 144hz. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. what is your budget?
  2. Power94 said:
    what is your budget?

    Around 300 usd
  3. do you have motherboard?
  4. Power94 said:
    do you have motherboard?

    No, my only component right now is the GTX 1070
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    here this
    or this and you need cooler for that CPU
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