Quick question about the Phanteks Enthoo Pro Black Widow

I have an MSI Bazooka B150M (mATX fitting).

I found this case, and I was intrigued. However, it doesn't show that it has an mATX fitting. (The website does show the Phanteks Enthoo Pro (which does support mATX), but what is the ''Black Widow'' that this retail site says about, is it the same product and does it only describe the colour or is it a different product with different specs?

Or, more simply put, does this case support mATX?
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    It supports:

    Motherboard Support


    It's "Black Window" not Black Widow. :)

    I own the case.
  2. You are good.

    M-ATX is a subset of full ATX and shares the same matching mounting holes.
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