Quick help - Is it worth to use 2x HD7970 using crossfire ?


A friend want to sell his HD7970 for 30 bucks. I already have one at my computer.

Do you guys think its worth it to use it with crossfire to play games ?

Or is just nonsense and the performance gain will be minimal ?

And the HD7970's are from different brands (one gigabyte, the other powercolor).

I'm considering this because HD7970 is old but its a great card and 30 bucks is almost "free".

(and yes, the GPU is working)
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  1. As long as you have a suitable PSU its probably worth the 30 bucks, should see a good improvement in some games.

    Bear in mind that Crossfire doesnt work well with all games.
  2. Yeah, I would go for it. $30 is pretty cheap. As said above, your PSU may dictate the possibility and if your motherboard will support crossfire.

    While scaling for crossfire/sli is not always great, an extra 20% to 50% boost would be worth $30.
  3. I'm using the two as we speak (he let me try it before buying)

    Some games dont even start (crashes)... like battlegrounds.

    Do I have to install specific drivers for using crossfire ??

    In the device manager they both appear and radeon settings you can overclock both, etc... so the computer is detecting them, right ?
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    Worth is something only YOU can determine.
    $30 is certainly cheap enough to try the experiment.
    You will need something like a 800w psu to handle the power requirements.

    If your interest is in FPS benchmarks, CF is certainly attractive.
    But, your gaming experience may not be so good.
    dual gpu is prone to screen tearing, stuttering, and non support in many games.

    With the advent of strong single cards, and more to come, the use of sli/cf is being de-emphasized.
    I think I would point towards an upgrade like a GTX1060 or RX 580.
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