Ubuntu Linux Dual-Boot Installation: Complex Problems

My transition from Windows only to Windows/Linux User is found to be more difficult than most users. As I find difficulties finding solutions compatible to the situation, I have to cast a wider net and ask for advice and assistance if I were to begin as a new Linux user beyond classroom introductions.

To first explain, I have a PC personally built a year ago, and now proceeding to perform the next phase and expand the build's functionality and capabilities. It has taken a year to research and prepare resources to set up, and caught into hampering snags in the implementation process.

The distribution chosen was Ubuntu as a main Linux OS, and also set to perform virtualization and produce a VM in a separate hard drive dedicated for one partition. The build is first installed with Windows 7, with the motherboard running in Intel RST RAID mode to establish and maintain a RAID 1 3TD HDD pair for Win 7 to use as a data storage drive.

The initial attempts to install Ubuntu in a separate drive come with problems that I can list:

I have one main goal to fulfill specifically for this situation: Install and Boot Linux (any distro with KVM) with Intel RST in place.

I may have to uninstall Ubuntu in the process and purge its boot option since it is installed in AHCI.

Known and Planned Drive configuration:

I am all ears on the subject, but because my Windows drives carry mission-critical data, I cannot afford to have additional facedesking despite having backup images of their partitions that was used once during the transition from 250GB NVMe to 500GB NVMe.
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    After extensive research for approaches I was able to get that solved, with a full disk wipe and removing past Ubuntu UEFI boot options as an added measure.
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