New computer build - Freezes a few seconds after Windows launched

Hi everyone,

This is my first computer build and right now the computer freezes right after Windows launches. I tried different SSDs (one with Windows already installed) and decided to reinstall Windows on another SSD. It brings me to the same issue: the computer usually freezes a few seconds after Windows is launched, it allowed me a 2-3 minutes twice, but then it freezes again.

-it does not freeze in the BIOS.
-It does freeze (sometimes?) at Windows installation.
-It does freeze once Windows is launched.

I didn't know where to post it, considering I don't know where the issue comes from.

What happened/What I did:
-I removed the cmos plastic jumper by mistake.
-Computer didn't want to start.
-Put the jumper back in.
-Able to start to Windows loading screen.
-Right after 1-2 secs of Windows logo, blue screen that lasts 1-2 secs, then computer restarts, loads to Windows logo again and comes back to that blue screen.

-Changed SSD, but problem not solved.
-Tried to reinstall Windows, but right after the choice of language, the computer freezes again (mouse and keyboard don't work anymore)

- I've read online that my "old" SSDs need to be started on IDE instead of newer system AHCI. Changed it in BIOS storage settings.
- Able to go to the Windows loading screen, but then it freezes again.
-Sometimes I pressed the power, computer starts for a few secs then shuts down quickly and restarts.
-Most times it shuts down after Windows logo, then it restarts.
-Sometimes it would let me do a few things after Windows start then freeze again.

Now: Reinstalled Windows.
-It freezes right after Windows is launched, a few seconds after or a few minutes.
-Changed RAM slots and just 1 stick of RAM, doesn't fix the issue.
-Changed graphic card to my previous working one, doesn't fix the issue.
-Launched Windows in the "debug" mode, it freezes as well.

Also, I have a red LED on my motherboard, but I've read that it's normal and part of the design (when running A-BIOS? Which I have no clue what it means.)

ASRock Z270 Extreme 4 LGA 1151 Intel Z270 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX Motherboards - Intel

Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 GHz LGA 1151 91W BX80677I77700K Desktop Processor

CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Desktop Memory Model CMD16GX4M2B2400C10

Graphic cards tested:
Asus Strix GTX 960

Power Supply
Apevia ATX-BT650W Beast 650W

Liquid Cooler:
DEEPCOOL Gamer Storm CAPTAIN 240EX RGB CPU Liquid Cooler with Controllable RGB LED Lights System Visual Liquid Flow 120mm PWM FAN AM4 Compatible

-The one with Windows already installed: PNY CS1311 SSD
-The one with the new installation of Windows: WD 3200BJKT

I would appreciate any help!
Thank you!
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  1. you want it in AHCI not IDE for ssd with a new install not old
    PSU ???
    GPU ??
  2. When you install the machine are you installing any drivers from the CD that came with the motherboard? Especially for the chipset and/or storage driver?

    Can you boot into safe mode and use the machine that way for an extended period of time? I'm not sure if that was the debug mode you mentioned.
  3. I updated the gear info for PSU and graphic cards.

    RARRAF: I can't launch my SSD with AHCI. The only way the computer boots is with IDE.

    Xeres: I tried once, but I don't have time to install the drivers, it freezes too fast. The safe mode also freezes right away.

    Also... my father told me that new motherboards might not be compatible with Windows 7 and that might be the only issue. Considering BIOS works just fine and it only bugs after Windows start, I'm starting to suspect that it's more likely OS related.

    Can anyone tell me if that could be the issue?
  4. If youre installing win7 Ryzen's and Kaby Lake systems may not work properly. And you wont be able to update it without a hack

    Start all over again. Change to AHCI before you install windows. If youre installing windows on the ssd, unplug the other hdd

    Reconnect it after
  5. New discovery:

    If I unplug the internal CD drive, the computer doesn't seem to freeze anymore... Cable issue?
    To be tested.

    Also, new issue:
    When I start the computer, the fans run for 2-3 secs, then the computer shuts down and then restarts fine.

    Any suggestion for that?
  6. purrmutation said:
    New discovery:

    Also, new issue:
    When I start the computer, the fans run for 2-3 secs, then the computer shuts down and then restarts fine.

    Any suggestion for that?

    ^This is normal. Same thing happens on these.
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