Does anybody recommend these generic RGB fans?

Soo as my friend would love to change his case with glass tempered soo i suggested him these cheap RGB fans, why not and why yes? Computer Case PC RGB (Generic)
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    It really depends what the end goal is.

    Would I suggest them for optimal airflow? No, for <$10 a piece they're hardly going to be the best engineered item in the world.
    Would I suggest using them for the "perfect" RGB look? Probably not..... I highly double they'll look as "good" (subjective) as they do in their pics
    Would I suggest using them for what they are, cheap fans with RGB? I don't see why not.

    They don't appeal to me... I wouldn't bank on them lasting a long time... and they'll require use of the remote (they're not going to integrate into any software etc)...... but I don't necessarily see any harm in them.
  2. Yeah i Know, i've had cheapo 0.5$ led fans, they ran silent for a year then BZZZZ , plastic fans hitting base of fan.
    What is CFM? They are rated at 33, but on Corsair RGB they are rated 43?
    It seems like these are the "Generic" are similar to this one's Here

    Youtube review (at temperature diffirence between Corsair and AMZtronics)

    Well as you said, you lose software control, airflow,( but the leds are actually good, i have generic ebay led strip and they are stunning).

    Just asking for opinion thats all :)
  3. Cubic feet per minute. How much air is being moved
  4. Thank you very much :) .
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