My internet speed becomes super slow when playing games

I've been able to play games like PUBG and CSGO fine, but recently my wifi became super slow and laggy ONLY when playing games.
This is according to Speedtest
Please help
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  1. WiFi I have personally found to be very bad when it comes to online games. Games are much more sensitive to latency than web browsing. There's also the signal interference variable as well.

    I would recommend trying to use an Ethernet cable, wire your PC or laptop directly into the switch or router, and seeing if things smooth out. Don't forget to turn off your WiFi before going wired if you want to try this! I don't know if you have a laptop or desktop, but most PCs have Ethernet except for smaller ultrabooks.
  2. Those speeds are more than enough for online gaming. When was the last time you unplugged your router. I know a silly, simple question, but I have seen that one little issue cause many major ones.
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