ho to install non compatible graphics but i have nvidia

i have a Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics card but i need the GeForce 900MX, i can install it but its not compatible why?
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  1. it hardware, you can't.
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  2. GeForce 320M graphics is on a laptop thus cannot be upgraded.
    You need to buy a new laptop.
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  3. It's probably that the laptop expansion slot is different (MXM variations) or that the power requirements for the 900MX exceed what the laptop can provide.

    -Wolf sends
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  4. Basically, the answer is no. The Geforce 320m would be soldered into the motherboard because it is a low end graphics chip.

    Wolfshadw mentioned MXM which are basically like graphics cards for laptop. However, only specific gaming laptop models have them and they cost at least $1,400. MXM format graphic cards tends to be pretty expensive (easily at least $200) and they only make them for higher end graphic chips. The 940mx is a low end GPU and a MXM version was never manufactured. These chips are soldered into the motherboard.
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