Computer freezing for a few seconds and resumes

Hello, I tried a billion things to fix my issue but they did not help. So I want to ask it in here for help. My issue is, computer is randomly gets "laggy" but I keep using my keyboard/mouse, sound keeps coming and if I'm in discord my friends keep hearing me etc. but I cant click anything or send anything. When i try pressing ctrl + alt + del screen freezes or goes black screen but still mouse/keyboard works and sound keeps coming again. It takes 20-40secs then computer works fine again.

Things I tried: installed win10 pro after a clean format, tried rams one by one, removed hdd and installed win10 to ssd & removed ssd and installed windows to HDD. My specs are:

amd fx 6300
x2 4gb gkill ripjaws 1600mhz ram
amd radeon hd 7850
550w psu

+ heat isnt the problem, motherboard is 30-35 / gpu is 30-50 / cpu is 40-45 all the time.
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  1. I believe it very well might be your specs, unfortunately. Most likely the FX 6300. How long have you had the processor and motherboard? Based on freezing I would most likely guess either CPU of GPU. Do you have another GPU to test? If you do and GPU isn't the problem, I would go for CPU. What is the PSU and what is your motherboard? This way I can get a better idea.
  2. Psu is 550w xigmatek, a cheap one but worked fine until this week. Its 4th year of pc i guess, motherboard is MSI 970a-g46. Unfortunately I dont have another gpu to test, I tested other parts already. It might be about cpu or gpu as you said but I have no idea how to test them without using a new one.
  3. Yeah, unfortunately testing a CPU is difficult without another motherboard with the same socket. Plus, the CPU doesn't have integrated graphics so that doesn't help. Knowing AMD CPUs however, stuttering and freezing toward the end of their lives are common. Same with GPUs however (of course). Do you have another PC you can throw your GPU in to test it?
  4. Unfortunately no, I have 2 laptops but problem is on my desktop. So I have no parts to change/swap at home. Btw as an additional info I can say, sometimes PC freezing with a loud buzzing sound randomly even without any programs or games working. Its completely random and didnt happen once today. That requires a restart or waiting 10+ secs fixes it mostly times.
  5. Loud buzzing, like mechanical buzzing or electrical? If mechanical HDD would be a definite solution.
  6. Its like im hearing a sound of fan in my ear. I thought its about HDD, today i removed it and using only SSD. I have less troubles but the problem is still there.
  7. Interesting... could be a mix of both the HDD and CPU. Not as common but possible.
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    I don't want to say that you are SOL, but it may be time for an upgrade my friend.
  9. Yeah, it seems the only way to fix it. Thanks for the help tho.
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