Can i use graphics card which needs PCIe 3.0 in PCIe 2.0

Can I use Asus gtx 1050 ti pheonix 4gb in my gigabyte motherboard ga-h81m-s which has 1 PCIe x16 2.0 slot

With 8 gb memory 1333mhz and intel i3 4150 3.50ghz.
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    Yes, they are interchangeable in both directions. You can use a PCIe 3.0 card in a 2.0 slot or a 2.0 card in a 3.0 slot.

    The only concern is that it will physically fit in your case.
  2. Yes PCIE is forwards and backwards compatible. So a PCIE 3.0 card will work in a 2.0 slot and a 2.0 card would work in a 3.0 slot. PCIE 2.0 has more than enough bandwidth for a 1050 ti as well, so there should not be any performance loss caused by PCIE speeds.
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