Question about my Noctua NH-U12S

Hi, my one part of my mounting kit of my Noctua NH-U12S broke, it's like the little platform with the 4 screws that you put through the back of the motherboard. One of those 4 screws broke, so we need a new mounting kit. I managed to find one online, it's this one:

However, when I open the product handling manual, it says it only supports the following coolers
This SecuFirm2™ Mounting-Kit for LGA115x is compatible with the
following CPU coolers: NH-C12P, NH-C12P SE14, NH-C14, NH-D14, NHD14
SE2011, NH-L12, NH-U12, NH-U12F, NH-U12P, NH-U12P SE1366,
NH-U12P SE2, NH-U9, NH-9F, NH-U9B, NH-U9B SE2.

But, when I open the specification manual it says the following:
Continuing Noctua’s tradition of supplying customers with its premium-class SecuFirm2™ mountings free of charge, the NM-i115x kit allows Noctua users to upgrade their
coolers to Intel’s LGA115x sockets (LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156). The NM-i115x set is backwards compatible with most Noctua coolers since 2005

So, should I buy this kit in case my ''platform'' broke, or not (I'm willing to spend the money considering it's just a couple of euro's over contacting support)?
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    Hi, It looks exactly like the cooler's backplate, so yes, it should work.
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