Which one is better, SeaSonic or Corsair?

So Ive started with Corsair, but people changed it to SeaSonic.
Which one is better?
SeaSonic - S12II 620W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply
Corsair 650w 80+
If those are not worth, please say one better(below 90€)
Thank you for answering.
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  1. What corsair 650watt PSU? What is the model?
  2. Dunlop0078 said:
    What corsair 650watt PSU? What is the model?

    This one Corsair CS650M CSM ATX 80+ Gold 650W
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    Corsair does not make their own power supplies.
    They contract others to do so.
    Some of the better Corsair power supplies are made by Seasonic.

    I might recommend the newer gen Seasonic focus 650w unit.
    Rated 9.8/10 by jonnyguru.
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