Bluetooth Disappeared in Windows 10

Hello Everyone,

I have a Inspiron 13 5378 and when the system did the last major update for the laptop I lost my Bluetooth. In the device manager the WAN miniport (IP), (IPv6), and (Network Monitor) all say "Windows is still setting up the class configuration for this device."

I've googled "Dell Inspiron Bluetooth drivers" and it led me to the Dell Support site. I've tried the Dell Support site and let it scan my system for errors and nothing comes up with bluetooth. I've tried reinstalling the Realtek network driver, BIOS and Intel wireless driver but again, no success. I've tried Windows update but it finds nothing

I've searched the Dell website for Bluetooth drivers and nothing. No scan seems to be able to find this. I've set the laptop to boot up normally and nothing. For some reason its almost as if the Bluetooth is no longer there.

I'm unable to find just Bluetooth drivers (if they exist) and quite frankly, I don't know what do anymore.

I do have this "Unknown Device" and can't figure out what it is. I've tried right clicking the Unknown Device and "Update Driver" but no success. I've gone to the Events tab on the Properties and it says, "Device USB\VID_8087&PID_0A2A\5&337393b&0&6 requires further installation."

Can anyone help? (please)
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  1. Not an unknown problem.

    Creator's Update has caused Bluetooth problems. Some have been fixed.

    On of my systems is completely rejecting any Bluetooth connections despite multiple driver installations and the troubleshooters stating that "all is well".

    The Bluetooth adapter shows up in Device Manager, etc. Also finds nearby Bluetooth devices - including a neighbor's device. Still nothing will connect. Occasionally Windows reports that Miracast is not available - sort of strange occurrence.

    Another system is quite happy with the same USB Bluetooth adapter and pairs right up.

    Windows either tells me that the best drivers are already installed or finds something to install that does not work either. Some of the Microsoft driver dates are 11 years old (2006).

    May be related to Broadcom based products. Broadcom claims that Microsoft is the source for the drivers. (Have tried both an Insignia USB Bluetooth adapter and a Targus USB Bluetooth adapter.)

    I have a Plugable Intel based USB Bluetooth adapter on order.

    Use Task Manager > Services to look at the Bluetooth related processes running on your system.

    You can also run "driverquery" via the Powershell command prompt to see the Module Name and Display Name for the drivers on your system.

    Also google "Device USB\VID_8087&PID_0A2A\5&337393b&0&6 "

    The USB adapter you have appears to be Intel based. HP may have the driver....

    Even though your hardware is Dell, the driver might work.

    Just trying to share information at this time.
  2. I decided to contact Dell and they felt it was a hardware failure. They said they would send me a box and ship it to them, under warranty, though I would be without my laptop for 3 weeks (ugh).

    I scoured the internet, trying everything but no success so I decided last night to reinstall the OS as a latch ditch effort and you were correct, it was a problem from The Creator since reinstalling fixed it.
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    I had the exact problem you had and did some experimenting, but here's what helped me...
    Step 1: Go to control panel. Uninstall Bluetooth from the Program List.
    Step 2: Go to your Bluetooth's developer website and download the driver/driver setup that applies to your computer/laptop, then run it.
    Step 3: Once installation is complete, a restart may be required(do it).
    Step 4: Open up your Device Manger and locate/click on your Bluetooth tab.
    Step 5: Right-click on anything under the Bluetooth tab and make sure to install if not already installed.

    This works like a charm, for me at least.
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