No network button option on Sony Bravia R35e

I want to use wifi but My Sony Bravia R35e hasn't got any network button option either wireless or wired. All the tutorials and relevant websites i searched guide me to proceed by using Network button but m stucked here, PLEASE help!!!!!

Either i should buy android tv box and connect wifi there which resultantly would make my Tv wifi supported or should i buy router and connext net through LAN, But m confused whether i should be able to be connected through internet or not
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  1. Does it have a LAN port?? Or wireless?? You sure you dont have to buy an adapter to use the wireless?
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    I've been reading the specs of the R35E.

    Firstly, it's not a "Smart TV", so no built-in ability to connect to the internet either by WiFi or ethernet.
    Hence no network setup in the settings menu.

    The tutorials you referred to must have been for a different model to yours.

    You need to be more "savvy" and aware of the specifications of what you're contemplating buying in future.
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