Looking for a good, relatively low budget GPU to play future open-world racing games

I'm on a tight budget for what i need as a graphics card. I'm really looking forwards to upcoming games like the crew 2 and forza horizon 4, also nfs payback which is already out. I currently have an AMD Radeon HD 6870 1gb, which can't even run forza horizon 3. So I've been wondering what graphics card around the 200$ range could run well all these games, and potentially some similar games in the years to come, I've looked into the GTX 960, but I'm not sure it would offer long-term support for the games I play. I'm also planning to change my i5 2400 soon. Any suggestions?
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  1. 1060 3gb
  2. Of the games you are playing now, find out which cards plays it best. Then you narrow down that list to cards in your budget.

    The problem with a question like yours is this, you're asking for 'good' and 'low budget'. Those are two opposing things. "Relatively"? Relative to what?

    Focus on the games. A 1060 runs the racing games that are out now and runs them well. A 1060 6gb should be good for 1080p gaming for quite a while, but you never know for sure until those future games come out.
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